Science SOL 4.4
Life Processes - Photosynthesis
The 7 Step

ROOTS take in water from the soil
Water travels from the STEM to the LEAVES
C-O-2 is a gas in the air
ABSORBED by leaves
Chlorophyll - it is green
Trapping energy from LIGHT
What's the result - What happens next you know?

Plants, plants
They make their own food to eat
Producing SUGAR that is oh so very sweet
Then they give off healthy air
Made of O-2 that is fair
If we rid of all the trees
Then there will be no air to breathe

Lyrics Created by TAK Hudson ©2006
Thanks to Ciara, Missy Elliot (Virginia native), and Jazze Pha for the track!
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Do you have what it takes to help
make plants grow?
Now that you know the song, can you draw the PROCESS by using the words?