It Revolves

There it is
It rests in space
Our rocky satellite, the moon
Has eight different phases

The moon revolves – around the world in twenty-nine days
It revolves ‘round Earth – giving us the eight phases

New moon is the first phase
Making it dark without the moon’s face

Waxing crescent comes in - phase two
Giving a thin light off the right for us to view

First quarter moon shows light on the right half
Waxing gibbous mid-month has passed

Full moon's after phase four
Shining the brightest moonlight on the Earth’s floor

Waning gibbous starts light on the left
last quarter light rests on a half

Waning crescent shines in last
When a
new moon starts we see a month has passed

Only because of the sun’s reflection
We get the phases without any objection

A true story over four billion years old
Where days are hot and nights are cold
One quarter the size of our planet
No living organism could ever stand it

NASA made it – nineteen sixty-nine (1969)
One small step for all of human kind

The moon revolves
The moon revolves
The moon goes around Earth

Thanks to Kanye West for such an innovative track!
Lyrics Created by TAK Hudson ©2006
Science SOL 4.7
The Moon - Rock Satellite