Animal Research Project Information:

In order to complete your research based on the film Robin Hood (1973), you need to go to the link called
ANIMAL DIVERSITY WEB.  This is created by the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.

Here are the directions once again, just in case you cannot read the information given to you or attached to this site:

1.  Read all of the directions and requirements first
2.  Ask questions BEFORE you begin your research
3.  Make sure you are using the hand-out given to answer ALL of the questions needed to complete the work
4.  Follow directions the first time they are given
5.  The computer is for you to use as a tool, not as a play toy

Remember that you will be learning a great deal of information, however, you will have to work on this
(Warning about research site:  when typing in a name of an animal, an error may occur - just keep trying)

Please click on the picture of the snow goose below to go to the Animal Diversity Web!
Science SOL 4.5
Living Systems - Adapting Animals
Animal Research - SNOW GOOSE SAMPLE
Blank Animal Research Project Pages
Animals adapt to their environment in two different ways:
(Structure - Body - Physical)

(Behavior - Actions - Activities)
Picture taken from:
A chameleon uses
camoflage to hide from
predators and to find food
A platypus uses its bill to
open small areas for food
and its webbed feet to
BBC - Understanding Animal Adaptations Lesson
BBC - Animal Variation Game
BBC Animal Quiz