Science SOL 4.2
Energy and Motion
What is intertia?
Inertia is Sir Issac Newton's first LAW OF MOTION.  
It states that an object at rest will remain at rest; an object in
motion will stay in motion.

How do you SAY the word
It is pronounced EE-NUR-SHA.

What is motion?
Motion is the force that causes an object to move or stay still.
Want to make your OWN roller coaster?
Do you know the difference between
potential and kinetic energy?
Practice creating more
potential and kinetic energy!  
What is potential energy?
Potential energy is stored energy.
It has the "potential" to move.
For example (the top of a roller coaster hill)
What is kinetic energy?
Kinetic energy is energy in motion.
For example (as you are rolling down the hill on a roller coaster)